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Rats, and field mice often encompass your most common encounters with rodents. Norway roof rats are the most dangerous since they are actually able to chew through the structures of homes and buildings. Finding out their point of entry and what is keeping them in that area is key for any treatments. Additionally, since rodents are nocturnal, they use small to navigate. We keep this in mind when using deterrents, baiting and trapping, and sealing of all opening and possible entry points. Once we finish the treatment, a complete removal of any residual waste, smell, or damage will be performed.

Rodent Information

Rodents can harbor more than 200 transmittable human pathogens.

Rodents consume 20% of the global food supply. Yearly the amount of food by rodents is enough to feed over 200 million people.

There have been numbers of household and structural fires caused by rodents.

Rodents and mice can enter through the smallest opening or crack and don’t need much space to travel inside.

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