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Highly satisfied with the service!!! Called the phone number listed on ​google​, the office representative took down my information, and a field representative called me right away within one hour to learn more about the situation. The first inspection is free of charge since it is more about figuring out the game plan. Jake, the field representative, was professional and reliable. He called in advance prior to arrival and arrived on time. Got a reasonable estimate to do the work that I wanted after the thorough inspection and suggestions. He didn’t try to oversell or set up any unnecessary monthly plans. This company really delivers and you won’t regret hiring them! I have called other companies and the representatives sound like salesmen even before the site inspection. I will definitely use this company again in the future and recommend it to anyone who needs rodent control. Highly recommended!!!


From Irvine

Jake and the team at Minti Pest Co are fabulous! They have taken great care of our home and are always checking in to make sure our needs are met. They have great pricing and are not looking to gouge you like some of the bigger companies I’ve talked with. Their service has been great and on time and I will recommend them to all of my family and friends!!​


From Huntington Beach

I have always used ​Minti Pest Co to handle my termite inspection and treatments for real estate transactions, he has always been a great guy to work with and the pricing is just incredible. The service is fast and I recommend all of my associates to him when we needed a pest control company!


From Huntington Beach

Minti Pest Co is an honest and ethical choice if you are in escrow and wanting to close on a sale of a property. Many pest control companies try to gouge the seller in this situation, but Jake is cost efficient and honest about the work needed to be done. He and the office reply same day and are very efficient with applying credits. I highly recommend them for escrow compliance. We will definitely use them again!


From Laguna Beach

I just moved into a back house that was sitting vacant for a few months and the rats moved into the attic. I found Minti Pest Co on Yelp and the high ratings are deserved. I worked with Jake who was both super cool and also knowledgeable as well. Jake came by on Sunday on his way to a family reunion and surveyed the situation in depth, showed me clearly where the access points were and he sent our quote the next morning. Jake came in and totally sealed every access point, cleaned the garage of all the droppings leaving it looking like it was steam cleaned, floated cement on the garage door threshold, and sealed the large garage door. Not to mention cleaning out all of the old insulation in the attic and replacing it. 3 days later he came in to clean up his set traps, and a week later he came to do a last check. We are dialed!!


From Costa Mesa

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