residential and commercial applications

Changing The Landscape

Service from the heart is at the core of Minti. We are all about being able to provide love and care for the customer that no other company can offer. From our interactions with you, to the products we use, to the methods behind our services; our customer’s needs are the top priority. It is our goal to ensure that anyone who works for the Minti operates with our customer first philosophy as well. We also look to partner with organizations and businesses in various industries by offering the most cutting edge services such as aerial drone inspections and organic treatments.

See What Industries We Are Changing

Real Estate

Minti offers inspections for local realtors, with a quick turn around time in order to help the selling process. Keeping inspections efficient can help realtors by knowing which solution is the best for the situation, helping to save time and money.


Minti can provide preventative treatments for subterranean termites, and dry wall termites, both during and after construction. We can also help to prevent the presence of rodents, gophers, and other live animals in and around construction sites.

Property Management

Minti understands the relationship between tenants and owners and we do all we can to be respectful of that. By working directly with the owners, our goal to provide a level of confidentiality in finding a solution to the pest problem.


With the offering of organic treatments, our products are ideal for educational facilities and school campuses where individuals may be dealing with various levels of specific conditions and allergies that are impacted by the environment.

Food Handling & Processing

With over 20 years of inspection experience, Minti can work with food handling organizations to resolve pest problems quickly. We know what to look for in your facility. We are looking to find the problem, determine the best treatment and ultimately work to solve your issues.

Partnering With Minti

Minti Pest Co strives to build everlasting partnerships within different communities.

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