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Common Questions We Receive


Are Minti products and treatments safe for kids, pets, and people?

Minti products are safe for children, pets, and people of all ages. Because we determine the best solution for you instead of a one size fits all approach, we are able to keep the impact of our treatments as minimal as possible. Applying the correct treatment to help your particular problem and combining it with the safe products is how Minti demonstrates our customer concern and care. In addition to our products being safe, the way we apply our treatment is also done with safety in mind to make sure we create the right environment for you and your family.

How is Minti different from your average pest control company?

In order to make pest control effective, it requires a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is all encompassing; you need to understand the pests, the possible treatments, and best applications for the situation and home. In our experience, the professionals coming to your home are only as good as the operator that trains them. With the experience Minti has, the one thing they have learned is the best thing a pest control company can do is educate our employees. Figuring our treatments that are less invasive, we pair knowledge with our innovation to create effective and specific treatment plans that are minimally invasive as possible. In addition to educating our employees, we focus on educating our customers so they have an understanding about the treatments being used and the associated application of products.


Are Minti professionals trained and certified?

Minti professionals are both trained and certified technicians, field representatives, and operators. Our professionals are all trained by knowledgeable operators with years of experience in the pest control field. Our approach is finding the problems and figuring out how to not inflame those issues before we end up treating the area. We are committed to providing thorough inspections so we can better assess the problem and come up with a solution that is as minimally impactful as possible.

You should always feel comfortable asking questions to your pest control professionals and our employees will always do our best to provide you with answers about your pest, termite, rodent, or animal issues. If you know more about your pest control person after a 15 minute Google search then its time to find a new pest control company. Call us now.


What does the Co in Minti Pest Co stand for?

The Co in Minti Pest Co stands for the collaboration you will experience in working with Minti. When we say collaboration, we mean our partnership with you, our customer. We are dedicated to both applying safe treatments and educating customers to give them knowledge to make their own environment better. This collaboration is seen in our application of products, as we will focus on the problems areas and allow you to continue living in your home without invasive or hurtful products impacting you or your family. By working with you we can treat the immediate issue and provide you with new information and knowledge for preventing similar issues in the future. Because we collaborate with our customers, we can create a specific treatment approach that will help to curtail your pest, rodent, animal, or termite problems.

Why does customer care matter to Minti?

Customer care is the top priority at Minti Pest Co. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible to help remedy any pest, animals, rodents, or termite issues. From our first interaction with you, we want to make sure we provide the best treatment for your situation. We do this by taking the time to go through a full inspection of the issues and then using the most ideal treatment to correct the problem while also limiting impacts to the environment. We also look to educate our customers throughout this process so they have knowledge about how to prevent and deal with certain issues in the future.