exceeding expectations

Pest Control Board

Minti Pest Co has all necessary certifications and licenses required to operate as a full service pest control company. Under the governance of the California Pest Control Board, we are bound always strive to provide safe, efficient, and satisfactory service. All of our work is monitored and assessed by the board; as their primary function is to regulate and monitor the industry. Additionally, Minti Pest Co is commercially licensed, bonded, and insured.

Why It Matters

Minti stands apart from other pest controls companies simply for our love of service and commitment to our customer. Our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to our customer from our first interaction with you; and we take customer care very seriously. We start with a no cost thorough inspection of the environment. We then educate you about the possible issues and the most ideal services for your situation. In addition, we are committed to a more humane process of pest control by using deterrents instead of just deadly poisons and traps.

Our Commitment To You

Customer Care

Minti’s love for our customer is a top value of the company. Our employees make caring about our customer a top priority.


Minti takes integrity in our diligent work, thorough services, and effective products. All work is done by trained, certified, and trusted professionals.


Minti believes pest control is more than just doing the job, it is also educating the customer in regards to the specific pest case or situation.


Minti utilizes the use of eco-friendly products ensuring both safety of the environment and safety to our customer.